Heat Pumps; Maintain Your Home Climate, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Emissions with a Government Grant. 

If you have to defrost your home to clean or go to the corner to feel 90 degrees, your residential HVAC system needs attention. Comfort in your home security, safety, temperature, and surroundings are the result of continual improvement. As technology presents more efficient and reliable home equipment, you will find value in updating.

Want an efficiency tip? Heat pumps produce 300% more heat energy than they take in. Heat pumps harness heat energy from the air mass of the environment, rather than using electricity or gas-fuelled systems. Want to hear more about heat pumps?

  • Don’t be confused by the word “Heat” in the heat pump. These systems can cool as well. By operating in reverse, the heat pump can extract heat from your home, exchanging it with the environment. 
  • Heat pumps have very few moving parts. This results in fewer HVAC maintenance issues that can last many years, with no ducts to clean. 
  • With a single heat pump and multiple air handlers, your home will maintain a constant temperature all year long. Each room or zone can be controlled as a group or isolated. 
  • A single heat pump location means one location for the venting and noise. You can locate this one noise source where it will have less impact on your outdoor enjoyment.
  • I touched on longer life span, but usually when someone says a blanket statement it doesn’t result in that much more time. We are talking about 50-year life, not 15. That is a difference.
  • Eliminate the possibility of deadly gas fumes in the home. No more furnace to fire up and maintain, just freshly circulated and heated air.
  • Heat pump systems do not use ducting. Installing HVAC ducting in a pre-existing home would be very expensive and extensive. Installing an air handler in each zone and routing small-diameter plumbing is easier to disguise and immensely less expensive. 
  • In NZ there is a government grant which can cover the cost of installation of a heat pump for your main living space for a total of up to $3000. That is how much advantage the government sees in heat pumps for the power grid and supply concerns. That has to be a sign. Governments don’t give money away. 

Ease of installation, low running costs, long lifespan, low maintenance, consistent comfort, zero threat of gas vapor issues, and government financial grants? Why aren’t you calling your local installer now?

Contact your local HVAC professionals and ask about heat pump installation. They are likely to ask for a home visit to determine the actual system size you need. The service should be quick because they also know the government has $3000 for them, and to get it they need to take care of you. 

Protect your family and give them more comfort. Save money and environmental damage at the same time as providing work for local trades. A cool idea with a hot product.  

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